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Patented Cal/Sort® Decal Marking System

Patented Cal/Sort®  Decal Marking System

Fireball Decal's patented Cal/Sort® marking system is a revolutionary new decal management and organizational tool that benefits all areas of your business.

* Purchasing handles one decal part number per machine instead of 20 or more.

* Production realizes a 20% reduction of retrivel and marking time. Decals are shipped in dispenser boxes, keeping decals flat and clean.

* Legal department now has a tool to demonstrate the company's commitment to using the latest state of the art products in it's quest to protect the customer. The chance of forgetting a safety sign is now virtually eliminated.

* Cost savings potential of 15%-25% can be realized in your overall marking program. The cost of this outstanding tool is usually less than the cost of your present markings purchased individually.

Contact us today for more information on this innovative new marking system.

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